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Carolina Digital Solutions sells, leases and services current model year Xerox copiers that only have 2 months or less of usage on them! For all intents and purpose, these are hard to consider used. From repos to demo units, Carolina Digital Solutions sources only the very best performing Xerox models of copiers. Once in our facility, our Xerox trained technicians perform dozens of tests to make certain that all of our machines perform as if they were brand new! The only difference? High quality Xerox copiers featuring all of latest technology for up to 30-40% off!

Think of it this way, if you could buy a two month old 2014 BMW 5 series sedan for the same price as a new Kia, which one would you get? Now, what if I told you that your new BMW also came with the full factory bumper to bumper warranty and it got better gas milage then the Kia?

This is the easiest way we have found to explain to folks what they are getting in a Certified Pre Owned Xerox machine from Carolina Digital Solutions.

  • 2013 & 2014 Models with only 2 months of usage at 30-40% off!

  • Our CPO machines qualify for new lease rates where “used” machines from our competitors have higher lease rates do to the declining life in their used machines.

  • Our CPO machines also feature service, maintenance and supply plans that only new machines typically qualify.





 “Fast service is great, needing service 3 times less often than your current vendor – priceless!”

The only digital copier solutions company in Charlotte with a 1/hr response time!

Poor service is the #1 complaint of customers who call us looking to switch vendors. The industry average is around a 4 hour response time for service requests. At Carolina Digital Solutions our service response time for the greater Charlotte Area is only 1 hour!

How do we do it? Most folks think of Xerox as a high quality, premium brand. This is true but did you know that service data gathered from all over the country shows that Xerox machines require less than 1/4 of the service calls than it’s off shore competitors!

Moreover, there are a handful of specific models that Xerox manufactures that require even less service. (These are the only machines we carry by the way!)

Featuring ONLY Xerox machines allows us to operate our service department with fewer technicians. With few technicians needed, we can pay are technicians better than any of our competitors! In addition, our service personnel receive performance bonuses and are highly motivated to take great care of our customers. With the high reliability of Xerox machines and by attracting only the best technicians with the best attitudes and skill sets, this is how we can offer a service experience to our customers unmatched in the copier industry.



The Copier Industries Dirty Little Secret!

Find out what the copier industry doesn’t want you to know about buying pre-owned!



Same Day Supplies

Ok, so our state of the art Xerox machines will give you plenty of warning before they run out of any supplies. However, life happens.   In the business world, it goes without saying that you and the rest of your office is focused on YOUR business first. Sometimes it is just a simple matter that someone replaced the last toner on your shelf in the machine and forget to tell anyone. Regardless, we offer SAME DAY SUPPLY DELIVERY for the greater Charlotte area when you need it. We even offer next day FedEx delivery to our customers located up to 3 states away. (Yes, we have customers in 30 different states!)

Free Loaner Machines

In addition to having the best service in town, we provide FREE loaner machines in the extremely rare situation where our technician cannot fix your machine in the same day. When I say rare, I mean we have only had to do this 3 times in the last 4 years! However, it’s a wonderful insurance policy that is free of charge that our customer love us for.

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